3 Benefits of High Neckline Dresses

During a recent quest to find a few perfect long prom dresses to add to my collection of special occasion attire, I found myself wondering about the benefits of a high neckline dress. Like many women, I prefer something that gives me a bit of cleavage, but sometimes you need to have long prom dresses on hand that are a tad more modest. After checking out a number of available dresses, I found that there are three main benefits to high neck gowns.

  1. Wide neck is flattering. Much to my surprise, a wide neckline that is high up and extends out onto the edge of your shoulders is actually quite flattering. This is true for any body type but is especially beneficial if you are like me and have wider shoulders that can be difficult to work around.
  2. Modest but sexy. A fair share of the dresses available at sites like co.uk have a sweetheart neckline which flatters your bust region but is then given the look of a modest high neck design with a lace overlay that extends upwards and over your back. Although the style is designed to be more traditional and ideal for those formal affairs where you want to look subtly elegant, it is still very sexy thanks to the lace.
  3. More versatility. One of the considerations I hadn’t made about a high neck dress is how versatile it can be for different types of events. With so many different high neck styles to choose from and the fact that they tend to be more modest, it makes that one dress able to be worn for everything from New Year’s Eve in the city to a charity event effortlessly.